Thursday, October 27, 2016

Throwback Thursday: The Gold Rush!

Never has one uniform polarized the West Virginia fan base more than the 2007-2012 gold jersey and pants combo "aka the Gold Rush Uniform." Initially met with mixed reactions midway through the 2007; by the end of the season it would become infamous.

The idea for the "Gold Rush" began one season prior during a road trip to Louisville. The Cardinals  called for a "black-out"  and encouraged their fans to wear black. This inspired WVU Head Coach Rich Rodriguez to create the "Gold-Rush" when the Cardinals returned to Morgantown in 2007.

The uniform was a part of WVU's uniform update of 2007 which saw the Mountaineers switch to Nike's latest "destroyer" template. The update included 3 new jerseys and 3 new pants all in matching styles for different combinations throughout the year.

The Mountaineers wore the "Gold Rush" uniform twice in the 2007 against the Louisville Cardinals and the Pitt Panthers. After losing to Pitt the uniforms received a lot of the blame. Often dubbed the "banana suits" the fanbase believed the uniforms became cursed. The Mountaineers didn't don that combo again until 2009.

How about your thoughts on the "Gold-Rush" Uniform? Did you love it, hate it? Let us know in the comments.

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