Thursday, March 1, 2018

Website Construction Update

As the calendar has now moved to March spring is in the air! While that might depend on where you live and the current location this week is how much spring is in the air.  However spring practice has now begun and the basketball teams are ramping up for their post season tournament runs; here at the Mountaineer Uniform Database you might have continued to observe various updates on the site.

For starters we have a completely revamped basketball sections with brand new templates. Speaking of templates we have a in depth football template section in the about us with a basketball version coming very shortly.

New content has also been added in both the "other team uniforms" and "playing surface" pages. So be sure and check those out. In addition we have been reworking the concept page to include a vast number of new concepts divided into multiple pages.

We hope you enjoy the new content we have coming for you and please excuse the mess as we remodel the site. If you have any: ideas, comments, concerns please feel free to let us know!

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