Tuesday, February 12, 2019

New Uniforms for 2019?

It's been a whirlwind past couple months for the WVU football team. Last week photos surfaced on social media showing mock-ups of new uniforms.

The mock-ups above posted above are based on the two leaked photos. While the photos are limited in scope it does seem that the new jerseys feature a new number font. The font seems to be based on the Flying WV. While it's hard to tell it looks like the new jerseys have eliminated any black that was featured in the previous set. Much more gold seems to have returned to both jerseys. 

A return of stripes on both sets of pants. The photos show a new white helmet design complete with a helmet stripe. While the photos only show 2 helmets, jerseys and pants it wouldn't be surprising to see gold helmets and jerseys with white pants as well. 

So Mountaineer Nation what do you think of the new uniforms? An improvement or a step-backwards let us know! 

 The leaked photos are below.

Leaked photo 1
Leaked photo 2

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