Tuesday, March 26, 2019

150th College Football Season Throwback Uniforms

With the 150th college football season is coming up this fall. The Mountaineers have never worn a throwback uniform and this being that 150th season would mark a great time to do so. I made these four concepts from various years of West Virginia Football. 

I try; as with all my concepts, to try and stay grounded and as realistic as possible. The manufacture logos can't (and won't be removed) as well as the league logo (Big XII).

First throwback is based from the 1969 season. That year saw WVU win 10 games and included a Peach Bowl victory. The most simplest of the four throwbacks listed here it is bright and eye catching. I believe it is what the team was "trying" (although very poorly) to do for the season opener of the 125th season back in 2016. The uniform contains the same navy-gold-navy stripe pattern in the helmets, pants and socks. The white elements really cause the gold jerseys to be the main feature contrasted well with navy block numbers.

Secondly we have the 1971 throwback which you can really say its a throwback for the 1970-72 seasons. Based during the tenure of the Hall of Fame Coach Bobby Bowden this uniform feature a predominately navy and white color scheme. The main difference between this throwback design and the original lies in the helmet decal. I used the 2013-18 decal which is a simplifed and cleaner version of the 1970-72 decal. The striping pattern on the pants and socks remained unchanged from the 1969 throwback. The helmet features a single navy stripe. The navy jersey is accented with white block numbers. 

Third is probably the most iconic uniform of the Mountaineers. Based off of West Virginia's first undefeated regular season features the classic look of Hall of Fame coach Don Nehlen's career. The helmet is the classic glossy navy blue shell with the gold flying wv on sides. The jersey is a simple navy with gold flying wv's on the sleeves with gold block numbers. The pants are gold with a navy double stripe down the side.

Finally we have a throwback based off of West Virginia's second undefeated regular season of 1993. Largely the same uniform as the 1988; the 93 throwback uniform features a few small key differences. The uniform features black cleats and a conference jersey patch on the left sleeve. Since we have since left the Big East Conference the sleeve patch features the new Big XII logo. I thought about using the older "era appropriate" logo but the Big XII logo wasn't founded until 1994 (and began play in 1996). The movement of the conference patch cleans up a slightly crowded chest area that already features a manufacture logo and 150th season patch.

What do you think? Did I miss an iconic uniform that you feel West Virginia should throwback too? Let us know in the comments below.

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