Monday, July 1, 2019

Introduction to a New Maniac

Here at the Mountaineer Uniform Database we've experiencing changes as we've continued to grow. As you might know it takes a lot to run and maintain a website so I've added another contributor! His name is Chaz Bostick and he's been my best friend since I can remember. Chaz will be handling the "Observations of Maniac" posts as well as pitching in on research as we look to add even more content! To let you guys learn more about the latest addition we've put together an simple Q&A.

          Ethan: "Ok Chaz I know a lot about you but for the folks at home tell me a little about yourself: What’s your name, where are you from? How long have you been a WVU fan?"

          Chaz: "My name is Chaz Bostick and I am a born in bred West Virginian. Born in Belle, West Virginia (just outside of Charleston) before moving to South Charleston. I graduated from George Washington High School before my family moved to Oklahoma City. So now I’m a Mountaineer fan in Sooner land, which is really annoying because WE CAN’T SEEM TO BEAT THEM IN FOOTBALL. I’ve been a WVU fan since birth, my grandpa and dad are two of the biggest WVU fans out there, so I had no choice. I met you in middle school at church and we have basically been best friends since then."

          Ethan: "I know OU seems to really be paying us back for that Fiesta Bowl years ago... What got you into uniforms?"

          Chaz: "Well I’d like to think that I learned from the master. I never was a huge fans of uniforms, like you are, but you kind of dragged me along and taught me the finer details of uniform fashion. I have kind of been his sounding board, you run ideas and designs by me to see what a more casual uniform fan thinks of your designs."

          Ethan: "Well I'd like to say I can take needless credit for that. Everyone needs a guinea pig! Moving on what would you say is your favorite all time WVU uniform?

          Chaz: "Any type of the classic blue helmet, blue jersey and gold pant looks are my favorite. Maybe it just harkens back to a classic era of WVU football and it is the nostalgia talking, but that combo just seems so timeless and clean. More recently, I have been a fan of the all white “Stormtrooper” uniforms, which probably puts me in the minority. I can’t tell you why, maybe it is my inner minimalist but I love the simple white with just a touch of Blue. My least favorite uniforms: anything with gray in them. Why? Why do we need gray? It isn’t one of our colors and it isn’t interesting, especially when paired with Old Gold, which is just an ugly combo."

         Ethan: "You raise some good points there. I'll see your white monochromatic look for the navy blue one. Speaking of a uniform; what do you think makes a good uniform?"

         Chaz: "An interesting question, I like uniforms that do something a little bit different, that stand out as unique. Basically, in 20 years when you put out a “retro” uniform, you want it to be memorable enough for everyone to buy it. For example, I love the Utah Jazz City Edition uniforms. It is totally unique, with the lighter shades as you go up the jersey. If that is too extreme, maybe the OKC Thunder City editions, with the Native American influence and unique font. In the NFL, my two favorites are the LA Rams “throwbacks” and the classic Charger’s powder blues because of the epic color combinations that you just don’t see in the NFL. As far as college football goes, I’m a little more traditional, I like Texas’ classics, Florida State and TCU. But I admire teams like Oregon, Maryland and Baylor who go all out, but usually end up with goofy looking uniforms."

      Ethan: "Did you ever draw any kind of sports uniforms as a kid?"

      Chaz: "Not really, like I said, you dragged me into this world later in life."

      Ethan: "Wrapping up any fun facts the great people of the inter webs should know?"

      Chaz: "One time I made NBA player Kendrick Perkins a Subway sandwich when I worked there. 
I have never beaten you at either Madden or NCAA Football, despite being up in the 4thquarter in several of our games. I almost had him once in Madden before Tavon Austin caught a hail-mary as time expired, the only time I’ve ever been mad at Tavon. I’m a Miami Dolphins fan (for some reason), OKC Thunder fan, obviously a huge WVU fan, UNC basketball fan, Everton (English Premier League) fan and also Roger Federer is the GOAT. Karl Joseph is my favorite WVU defensive player of all time and Noel Devine is my favorite Offensive player."
Thanks Chaz for letting us all learn a little bit more about yourself. Like I mentioned before Chaz well be taking over the "Observations of Maniac" posts as well as other stuff to add more frequent posts to the main page! We look forward to seeing that in the future! 

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