Other College Concepts

Army: I start with my first concept with a simple clean look for the cadets. The current uniforms seem like they have stuff on the jerseys just to have it so I wanted to stripe them back down to a traditional look. 
Florida State:  I took their existing helmet which I think is pretty great. The update from 2013 was good once they returned to the original helmet shell in the middle of the season. As for the rest of the uniform I went with the old adage that less is more. I brought back the collar and sleeve cap pattern from the pre-2012 jerseys. I love Native American art and I think the current jerseys fail to capture it. 

Marshall: This is a Marshall concept I started a few years ago. For anybody that’s been around the Marshall football program (Marshall campus is about an hour drive from my house) the 1970 plane crash plays a big part. Every fall they turn off the memorial fountain on the anniversary of the plane crash they killed 75 members of the football program. In the past few years Marshall has started wearing uni-centric memorials around the weekend of the anniversary. Including wearing a 75 decal on the side of helmets to putting the crash victims names on the center stripe to wearing black jerseys for some reason. 

I wanted to take idea and have a visualizing appealing aspect of that. I came up with the idea to have a memorial patch on the collar of the jerseys of the regular green and white jerseys. The patch has a silhouette of the fountain in the background and a 75 in the foreground. The spot is usually reserved for a teams logo on Nike jersey’s which Marshall currently employs. The rest of the uniform is modified version of the Randy Moss / early 2000’s version of Marshall’s uniform. With the addition of the new M on the helmets and “the herd” word mark. In recent years more and more black elements have creeped into the uniform. 

I also included a a 1971 throwback uniform that I had the idea to wear the weekend of the anniversary. As not only to honor the fallen but as a tribute to the “young” herd that continued the program. 

Maryland: As a West Virginia fan I’ve seen some really solid looks from Maryland and some really awful ones. I thought the “shelmet” idea back in 2011 was a really cool idea. I took that and added the classic “Terps” script back on the helmet. I wanted to tone the flag aspects waaaay down. As far as I know they are the Maryland Terrapins not the Maryland flags. I added the shell pattern to the sleeve caps and added some subtle black and yellow trim to the jerseys. 

Oregon State:  This one I had some fun with. I really loved the black script helmets they used in their spring game. What can I say I’m a sucker for a great helmet script. I toned down the used of orange and limited to just a jersey and trim color throughout the rest of the uniform. I kept the current number font and logos.

Syracuse: When you think of the Orange there’s really only one thing that comes to mind and thats the solid orange helmets with the triple stripe. It’s a simple and timeless look. I wanted to take a mash-up of different Syracuse eras for this concept with the idea of wearing white jerseys at home. I know that’s currently GA Tech’s thing but why is it limited to them and LSU? The 44 on the hip is a nod to the retired number 44 and a nod to the hip numbers formally employed by Syracuse. 

Texas A&M: I really liked their 1998 throwback uniforms they had this fall so this concept is based off of that with the current logos, number and letter fonts. I removed the “bevel” detail of the numbers to offer a cleaner look. My favorite part (and tried my best a recreating with limited photos) was the southwest pattern on the collars. I think it gives A&M a unique look. 

UConn: I tried a mashup of their 2005-07 uniforms which was a pretty solid look for them.  I added the new Jonathan logo to the collars and pants and simplified the shoulder stripes. 

Washington: Since they are switching to Adidas I decided to make my suggestion. I kept it really simple since that’s what they’ve done in the past few years. Brought back the original Huskies Font without the left corner notch thing.